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    The Way The user conduct Themselves in our chat is way too Important for us because We Aim for friendly place for players of all ages. Some Inappropriate Chat Conducts Are :-

      1. Inappropriate Language

    • We Don't Allow Toxicity, vulgar abbreviations or any kind of content Which Is not appropriate for players for all ages. We even don't allow surrounding to be inapproriate or people discussing controversial topics which includes politics, race and religion.

      2. Spamming And Rioting

    • we want a friendly and healthy chat experience, intentionally spamming of messages will not be handled which will lead to timeout in chat

      3. Promoting And Encouraging Spam

    • Don't get in words of your friends and then spam in chat something like song lyrics, coutdowns etc.

      4. Disrespectful And Abusive Behavior

    • All Players Deserver To Play In Our Server For Free Without Any Drama And Abuse. So We Don't Like People Talking To Other People With Intension Of Hurting Them Or Abusing them.

      5. Sharing Others Information

    • Everyone's Privacy Is Important So Revealing There Information even in Joker Manner Is not tolorated.

      6. Advertising And Promotions

    • Advertising Something without Our Permission Like Server or Websites Won't Be Tolerated.

      7. Deaths Threats and Suicide Encouragement

    • Harmful Statements Or Threatening Statements won't Be Tolerated even If Said In Joke.
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Here on Laa Villa we think communication is the key to an amazing community. Because of that, we heavily value our Discord and the way it allows us to connect with our favourite people ever - you! Come join us, and let's create our laa villa - together!

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