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      Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the staff team at Laa Villa. This voluntary position on our team comes with great responsibility, and this is a key piece in keeping the player experience enjoyable. Below is a list of application rules, and must-knows before you apply to become a part of the team... If you meet specified criteria, and are someone we are looking to add to the team, we will request an interview from you. After that, we will make a decision on whether or not we feel you are fit for the team. Keep in mind again, this position is a voluntary position, NOT PAID, and should be done out of eagerness to engage with the community and help. This position holds a lot of responsibility and power, and is not handed out easily, so please only apply if you are committed to the team. Once we have come to a decision on your application, you will receive a DM from the official Laa Villa bot (Laa Villa#4813) and an email alerting you of the decision that was made on your application. If your application is denied, please do not apply again for at least 30 days.

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Here on Laa Villa we think communication is the key to an amazing community. Because of that, we heavily value our Discord and the way it allows us to connect with our favourite people ever - you! Come join us, and let's create our laa villa - together!

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